Private training is where you get the most detailed attention during your session, planned for you in advance, to get maximum progression to help you achieve your goals. 

I do private training in two modes, One on One, and Semi-Private.

One on One private training is all about you.  No one else in the studio, privacy, and 100% of the focus is on your needs.  Whether you are doing Foundation, Strength, or need a Rejuvenation* session, the private One on One gives you your best training session, every time, custom tailored exactly for you.

Semi-Private Training is for groups of 2-4, booked in advance. The group knows one another, and I know the group, which allows me to design workouts in advance based on goals and each person’s needs. 

Semi-Private is a more economical way of still getting a private session. You know everyone who will be there and the number of people is still low which keeps the quality of instruction high.

For information about pricing and Private One on One or Semi-Private sessions, please contact me at:


ph/txt: 805.570.2486