Foundation Training is a posture and body mechanics program aimed at eliminating back pain and teaching people how to move correctly.  I am a certified instructor and have been teaching Foundation Training since 2011.

I am amazed at Foundation Trainings' effects. I use it with every one of my clients, aged teens to 80’s and have witnessed its positive benefits. Foundation Training compliments everything you do when you move, because it helps you move better. 

People who have had severe back pain, and/or who were facing major loss of quality of life,  have reduced or eliminated pain through this training. They feel stronger and can get back to exercising, feeling more confident. My clients have experienced an overall improvement in their quality of life.

Foundation Training is also great for preventative training and increased performance.  I noticed a huge difference in the gym, and especially when riding my bicycle.  I feel more solid and strong in the center of my body, including my core and back. 

What I like most about Foundation is it is very applicable to what you are doing in every day life.  There are no machines that are involved, and you work a lot from your feet.  This allows me the ease and felixibility to mix it in with strength training. I also like that it increases strength with minimal increase in mass. A plus for athletes who want strength and flexibility and good power to weight.