Cycling is unique in that the primary muscles of a pedal stroke only contract (get shorter) under load (unlike running, where your muscles also get longer under load when you land on your foot and gravity pulls you into the ground).

Couple that constantly shortening muslce pattern in a posture that is not our natural upright position and you can see how  muscle imbalances can arise. Imbalances can lead to injury and drops in performance.

Cycling is primarily a static exercise for the upper body. If cycling is your primary exercise then key movement muscles can become underused and weak.  Working to keep proper muscle balance and strength reduces injuries and helps you ride better. 

A strong center, core and low back helps with producing power, handling your bike and not getting hot spots on longer rides. You want to feel connected to your bike but relaxed. Your hands may hold the bars but you control a bike with the center of your body. 

My strength programs are tailored for cyclists and utilize exercises that make you stronger for cycling without losing pedaling fluditiy or adding unneccessary bulk.

I teach private and group classes.

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