Growing up I competed in a variety of sports, but long before I ever thought about throwing a leg over a bicycle to race one, I loved riding my bike more than anything else. After school, on the weekends, or at the motorcycle races where my parents competed, if you were looking for my brother and I, chances are you'd find us on our bikes.

My desire for competition, combined with my love of cycling, propelled me towards a career as a professional cyclist. I raced road bicycles competitively for 11 years, racing professionally in Europe and America. I switched to professional downhill mountain biking and raced 8 seasons on the US National and World Cup circuits. Those nineteen years were quite an adventure, and it was all on two wheels.

After racing I worked in the cycling industry in development and design, and ran my own professional Mountain Bike racing team for 3 years. As great as it was, I missed being involved with sport from the athlete side.  My desire pulled me into the sport of professional motocross to work as a trainer. 

I really fell in love with my work in motocross. It was all new, yet familiar, and I threw myself into it full time.

For years I traveled to 30 races a year, working full-time with one or two athletes per season. I organized their entire programs; from training and diet to cooking their meals and arranging travel schedules. I ensured everything was taken care of to deliver them to the start line prepared to win. I shared their triumphs and defeats. It was fantastic.

As much as I enjoyed it, at a point I realized I needed a shift from a less frenetic pace to a more grounded life. I wanted to make cycling a bigger part of my life again. After several visits to Santa Barbara in the fall of 2011, I decided to move back to my hometown.

I began working as a personal trainer and cycling coach.  After years of being an athlete, and strictly training athletes, I suddenly had a clientele ranging from 13-81 yrs old. I helped clients with growing pains, joint replacements, short and long term injuries. I definitely saw the human body in a new light.

The more I trained people, I realized my experiences gave me a unique approach to health and fitness.  I wanted to have a place that I could offer all levels of service to my clients, and grow my expanding demand for cycling coaching. With that,  Santa Barbara Cycling was born.