A good bike fit is one that lets you do the riding you want in the best way possible. 

Goals, work, age, body geometry - these are all factors that figure into your best fit.  Don’t get convinced after watching the Tour that you should put your stem all the way down and cut your steerer. That might be fine for a paid professional but for the rest of us it can lead to problems.

My fitting philosophy comes from years of experience and involvement in the sport of cycling and athletics in general. Racing taught me about performance. Coaching has taught me that every human body is different and numbers don’t always tell the whole story. 

Your bike should be fit to you not you to your bike. 

A fit takes 2-3 hours and includes a 30 minute road ride at the end if there is time. Please bring your normal riding attire. We can’t ride without helmets. Gloves and eyewear are encouraged.

Cost: $300

Contact to book/questions:

ph/txt: 805.570.2486